Thursday, October 22, 2009


I finished my first sterling silver jewelry piece this week.  I'm taking a class and having FUN!  I can really get into this (as the newly acquired tools in my crafting closet can attest!).

The teacher calls this a Hopi-style pin, but basically it's an overlay.  Two layers of silver are soldered together, the top is 20 gauge and the bottom is 22 gauge.  The top layer has been pierced/sawed to reveal portions of the bottom layer, which was then lightly textured to add some interest.  The idea was to play with positive and negative space, and really show that by oxidizing the layer below. 

We were asked to choose a photograph as inspiration, and I ultimately chose a photo that I'd taken many years ago of a Dogwood flower in Yosemite Valley:



  1. omg, i love that pin... has that tropical look to me... tho i can see what your teacher set out for you to do... btw don't u know artists are always hard on themselves? haven't met one that wasn'

  2. so cool that you are taking a jewelry making class. this is really pretty.

    i follow you now. feel free to follow me too.